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hola, its just {us} MIRABELANNE (MA). two devoted popsicle girly-girl. fetish on becoming a fashionista. its like a dream! call us VAINPOT~ we dont care a hoot. enjoys play-pretend, dressing up. our playden includes mirror, closet and clothes. obsessed with CHIC dresses, CLASSIC skirts, VICTORIAN-vintagey tops, BOHEMIAN style. we know we ROCK, so jump in the wagon {hurhur~}.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009
Hey ladies, this time..
we are back with ACCESSORIES
collection..! (Some of you feedback
on this) As always, do browse, and if
you're interested:
1) Drop us a message at 8388 4601 (fast transaction)
2) or FILL in the PURCHASE form above
3) Pls include SGD 1.50 for NORMAL POSTAGE

Dirgol; 15 sgd; available

Charissa; 13 sgd ;available

Eiymira; 15 sgd; available

Gwendolyn; 13.50 sgd; available

Eudora; 14 sgd; available

Paloma; 14 sgd; available

Lavina; 15 sgd; available

Ferlyn; 15 sgd; available

Mirabelanne's Tips:

Pair some of these chuncky accessories

with PLAIN/SIMPLE tops to add a tinge of

ohh-so-dramatic look. :)

Lotsa love, MA.

Friday, October 9, 2009
Hey ladies! We are finally back with our new collection!

1) Do take your time to browse. All items are NEW.
2) Interested to grab any of these?
3) Just fill up the PURCHASE FORM,include all details yarr or
4) drop us a
MESSAGE at 8388 4601.

Hope to hear from you soon.
With love, Mirabelanne :P
P/S: click on images to enlarge; bigger views.

eliza; sgd 20; SOLDOUT!

cassie; sgd 20 SOLDOUT!!!

selina; sgd 19 SOLDOUT!!

sephia; sgd 18

amaryliss; sgd 19; LEFT 1 PIECE!

elmira; sgd 21;

Only few pieces available for this collection.
Grab them now. While stock last.
Thank you for browsing. :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Spree 5. STATUS- Closed
1)order? just fill in our spree form
2)drop a message at 8388 4601
thk you ladies. click on image
to enlarge yarr. :)

Item: Francis
Colour: Black
Size: Free size
Bust: 82-90cm
Length: 57-70cm
Cost: SGD 27

Item: Eliesha
Colour: Blue
Size: Free size
Bust: 84cm
Length: 70-74cm
Cost: SGD 26.70

Item: Caroline
Size: Free size
Bust: 86cm
Length: 73cm
Cost: SGD 26.50

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Item: Laurel(Long TEE-SHIRT)
Colour: White
Size: Freesize
Cost: SGD 25.50

Item: Mara
Colour: White & Black
Size: Freesize
Cost: SGD 25.50

Item: Marylin
Colour: White
Size: Freesize
Cost: SGD 25.50

Item: Zoe
Colour: White, Grey, Greenish Black
Size: Freesize
Length: 70cm
Cost: SGD 26.50
1) Fill up the SPREES FORM available above
2) For fast transaction, drop a message at 8388 4601
3) Once order is confirmed, do not cancel
4) Items measurements are as per stated
Till then, thank you ladies, for shopping with us! :)xoxo MA


YES ladies, we understand how boring it is
to be wearing jeans, tights,slacks and office pants
often. Pair off these unique bottoms with vintage
pumps or even killer heels. whynot. :)

Item: Heidie
Colour: Dark Grey, Light Grey
Size: Freesize
Butt: 105cm
Length: 68cm
Cost: SGD 26

Item: Rayes (Relax Pants Flare)
Colour: Black/Grey
Size: Freesize
Waist: 60-80cm
Length: 60cm
Cost: SGD 26

Item: Crystal (Genie Relax Pants)
Colour: Black/ Grey (Limited stocks)
Size: Free Size
Waist: 62-74cm (Strechable)
Length: 88cm
Cost: SGD 27
1) Fill up ur SPREES FORM above
2) Fast transaction-sms 8388 4601
3) Once confirmed, no cancellation
4) Wait for our reply soon. TY. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009
Hey ladies, this items are selling
at SGD 13 ONLY. Last stocks available
for these dresses. So grab them now!
While stock last! HAPPY SHOPPING.
For fast transaction drop a message
at 8388 4601 or jusy fill in our
PURCHASE FORM available.TY! :)
Item: Andreas
(Status: 1 PIECE Available)
Material: Polyester Spandex
Length: 29"
Bust: 20"

Item: Dahlia (Status: Available)
Material: Polyester Spandex
Length: 31"
Bust: 22"

Item: Melodie (Status: Available)
Material: Polyester Spandex
Length: 35"
Bust: 22"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Promotion For Great Spree & Great Spree II

Ladies, want to save on the normal postage?
Whynot? Just recommend us to your girlfriends,
and if they purchase too, we'll give you free
postage charge for item purchase.
So come on, seize this promotion.
While promotion last!! :)